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Taslim Express Services is aiming to be one of worldwide leading courier delivery services. With a strong commitment to serve its customers across the length and breadth of the country, Doc Express and Logistics Courier is aiming to be one of world leading courier delivery services.

Crew Transport makes business flow. As one of the world’s leading non-asset-based supply chain management companies, we design and implement industry-leading solutions in both freight management.


Taslim Express will offer you a variety of training and learning opportunities so that you may enhance your skills and have a progressive career path.

Taslim Express


We are committed to the professional development of our staff. To cater to this need of our talented workforce, we offer a wide range of formal and informal on-the-job training programs along with ongoing feedback/evaluation to gauge the learning outcomes.

To submit your CVs, email us at info@taslim.net

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